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Joining the circle | what's involved

We are open to new members.

Joining is a gradual process. This is because it's important that it feels right
at every stage, both for the group and for the person wishing to join.
It helps us all attune our energies, also giving a new member a chance
to ease their way into the level of commitment that this work requires.
Once this has been achieved, a smooth and easy entry into the group occurs naturally.

Please read and think over what's on this page, and you're welcome to contact us if you're interested.

There are two levels of involvement: 

flying alongside and full membership.

Flying alongside

This means that you join in the weekly meditations as much as you are able. You will be informed of the week's meditation theme by e-mail and you'll have a contact person. It's worth keeping notes of your meditations.

Flying alongside is a good option if you live anywhere else than Britain, or if your life does not permit full involvement. But you still wish to add your bit.

A period of at least six months flying alongside is mandatory before full membership can be considered. Attendance at our summer retreat camp is preferred if you're flying alongside, to spend time and 'sync' with us, to 'get into the zone' and make your own contribution to the process. More about flying alongside here.

To move to full membership, 100% practice of meditations over time is necessary. At the right time you will be invited to attend a weekend meeting and the camp, which are prerequisites for full membership. It's a running-in process.

Full membership

This requires a willingness to make a 100% consistent commitment to meditations and group meetings over a longer period.

This isn't easy. The good news is that, once the habit is established, it becomes easier. Life's circumstances tend to arrange themselves around it if you're clear about it.

On occasions, we've found ourselves doing meditations in car parks, on planes, sitting quietly on the edge of a crowd, or even surrounded with munching cows in the sunset. Our families have got used to our doing it and even appreciate it and its effect on them and us.

There is no membership fee or financial commitment, and we keep costs down. The main practical issues are time and full presence when in session, plus travel to meetings and moderate shared costs.

In time terms, our commitment demands 45ish minutes per week and, each year, two long weekends for meetings and one week for the camp.

We keep commitment issues doable, workable and simple, since this keeps the work sustainable longterm.

More about meetings and the retreat camp

Meetings are for full members only. The camp is for members as well as for people flying alongside and those interested in the work or wishing to experience it.

Having flown alongside for a while, prospective full members will be invited to a meeting and in due course will become more integrated into the group - this is quite a organic process.

At present, one meeting is in October or November and the other in February or March, and the camp is at the end of July. For meetings we stay at members' homes. If the group grows larger, we might rent a simple, inexpensive barn-type venue. 
We agree meeting dates and locations annually, with other 'business', by discussion and consensus at our meetings. 

We stay together, cook together and contribute food and money to the pot. We're all there from the beginning, when the circle is opened, to the end, when it is closed.

The retreat camp is at a pleasant site in Somerset, UK. Bring your own tent, van or caravan and useful bits. If you're coming, you'll receive details closer to the time.

At meetings and the camp, we work from around 10am to 5-6pm each day, with breaks. This is changeable and organic, sometimes going on into the evening - we keep going until we're complete. It's a process. On the last day of the camp we sometimes go out to a special place for some 'normal time' together.


Longterm, we support the starting of similar groups in other parts of Britain, Europe and the world. This needs working out mindfully and organically, if the right people turn up and if it feels right to do it at each stage. We would not insist on other groups replicating all of our practices, though in order to cooperate with you, we would expect matching standards and intent, together with sufficient points of connection and agreement to make our relationship work.

If flying alongside interests you, more details here.

What's needed for full membership

  • You need to be willing to commit to doing every meditation without fail and attending every meeting for its full length. This is why we ask people to fly alongside for six months, so that it gives you a good feeling of what the commitment involves. You move gradually into the group by osmosis.

  • You need to have developed some psycho-spiritual tools and the right circumstances for managing your personal growth process. You need to be reasonably stable in this so that your fuses don't blow at crucial moments, and so that you can integrate the work with your daily life.

  • We welcome diversity. Your faith, beliefs or spiritual path are not a concern, as long as you are comfortable working with people who see things differently from you. A variety of perceptions enriches what we do, and we take a multi-pronged approach to this work.

  • You need to have flown alongside for at least six months. We treat each person individually, but this is a necessary minimum. At some point you're invited to a meeting or the camp. Eventually we reach a point where you and we all know that you have stepped in and that all is well. From that time, you're in. Up to that time, you're flying alongside.

  • You need to be happy to adhere to the processes and protocols we use. These are not rigid but, to change them, the group needs to come to a settled consensus, usually by discussion and a process of organic, collective shifts and developments.

  • Usually we do not adopt recipes and methods used by other groups and teachers, even if persuasive, scientifically proven, traditional, scriptural or prescribed by authoritative sources. We do what comes up from amongst us, as we are, at the time. There is no problem with your utilising techniques that you customarily use, in your own practice of the work. The methods we use as a group have evolved through time and experience, and your presence will help evolve them further.

  • Attending meetings and the camp involves travel, time and moderate costs, and your capacity to sustain these longterm is a factor to consider.

  • We are self-determining, conscious, thoughtful people who seek to take responsibility for our lives. In group meetings, this also requires some stretchiness. No one is in charge - the circle is in operation. Responsibilities circulate round the group over time.

  • We're not here for personal growth though it does happen. It's world work. Yet we ourselves are deeply and personally involved.

  • If you do not understand why the above requirements exist, please mull it over for a while. 'Commitment' simply means something you build into your life as a stable priority and, like going to bed at night, it doesn't require much further thought - you just do it. Reading The Book of Possibilities will help clarify things.

How do I leave the circle?

This is important too! Stuff happens. If you need to leave, we prefer that you attend one final meeting after making your decision, and that you down-step your meditations gradually. When you join, it will take you at least a year to 'come up to full speed', and leaving is similar.

As in a theatre company or any similar tight operational team we all rely on each other to do what we're there to do.

Departure needs to happen in a good-natured way. We need to feel complete and to part with a smile. You're still welcome to 'fly alongside', and re-joining at a later date is possible too.

Why is it like this?

We do things this way to avoid 'leaky bucket syndrome'. The universe is energy-efficient and human operations are energetically supported and empowered when they're watertight and they work. This is about synergy, which rests on mutual trust, acceptance and cooperation. The group has made a kind of 'contract' with the universe to carry out a task and, for the duration of our sessions and meditations, all else is secondary. The voltage available increases with the energy, resilience and integrity of the group, which plugs any energy-leaks. When the group and the process are firing on all cylinders, remarkable things can happen.

If you're still reading this, the chances are that you resonate with what we're doing and you're welcome to contact us - whether or not you wish to join in. We enjoy hearing from others and about their own activities and projects.

We don't have a rapid-response administration team - we're really lightweight. Please forgive us if you don't hear back immediately.

If you're interested in world work like this but our approach isn't right for you or you cannot do it in this way, we encourage you to find your own way forward and pursue your calling. The world needs all the help it can get, and if we each do what we're moved to do, together we'll cover everything. Many individuals and groups doing work like this tend to be quiet, not advertising themselves, and it is good that this is so - yet we're everywhere.

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