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More about Flying Alongside

If you're interested in flying alongside, here are some more details.

You need read this page only if you're considering flying alongside - otherwise, click for our summer camping retreat or The Book of Possibilities.

Flying alongside is something you can do if:

  • that's what you're able and willing to do, given your life-situation at present;

  • you live in another country, not UK, meaning that attendance at meetings or camp is not easy or possible, regularly or at all;

  • you're aligning toward becoming a full member at a later stage.

All of these options are possible. Contact us with any thoughts or questions you might have. Also, it's good for us to know whether and how much you're flying alongside, so that we're aware of you. But the main thing is: just start, and see how it goes.

Different people are different, and we treat you individually. Some might just wish to join in meditations when they can, and others might appreciate the value of a regular weekly meditation. Either way is fine.

There's no fast track to full membership. For full membership, we need to know that your commitment is 100% and lasting in practice, not just in intention. There needs to be a happy and 'ready' feeling to it, for everyone. Teamwork is involved and it takes a while to 'sync' with us and take occupancy of your place in the group. So, fly alongside, and things will develop. In a way, you join by doing it.

Themes and notes

If you wish to be sent our meditation themes on a weekly basis, let us know - they arrive by e-mail a few days before each weekly meditation. Themes are chosen by two people in the group, 'theme catchers', based on the drift of current events in the world, what has unfolded at meetings and evolving group discussions on themes.  This theme-catching duty circulates amongst group members on an annual basis, as do all roles.

We encourage you to make notes about your meditation, though this isn't compulsory at this stage. Keep them for your own record or send them in by e-mail. Most of us do this straight after the meditation or within 24 hours. But at first you might wish just to meditate alongside us, to see how things unfold.

Meditation methods

With meditations, there isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' way to do it. We encourage you to use methods you're familiar with, according to your spiritual background and practice, and then to 'follow your nose' and let things develop in the context of this group. You might find that, over time, you develop new or varying methods, or that you enter pathways that are new to you. 

Generally, it can be good to develop a way of entering a meditative state at the beginning, and of completing it at the end. That might be breathing techniques, prayers, visualisations or inner routines that tune you in and later tune you out. Be mindful also of spiritual protection. These routines can embed the practice in your psyche and help stabilise your meditation, regardless of what is happening in your life each Sunday. Sometimes this involves doing meditation in away-from-home situations, and your mood and state of being will of course vary too.

If you meditate with us regularly, then we can arrange for one member of the group to act as your contact and friend, with whom you can discuss things.


The meditation starts at 7pm GMT every Sunday. In UK, during summertime, it's 8pm. From the viewpoint of nature and the cosmos, this is the same time - it's just that human clocks have changed. If you live in another timezone, calculate meditation times from 7pm GMT, and if you have daylight saving time in summer, reckon that in.

Examples. Times in brackets are daylight saving times, if used.  

  • UK, Ireland and West Africa: 7pm (8pm). 
  • Much of Europe, Nigeria: 8pm (9pm). 
  • Eastern Europe, much of the Middle East and southern Africa: 9pm (10pm). 
  • Russia/Moscow, Iraq, East Africa: 10pm (11pm). 
  • Brazil/Argentina: 4pm (5pm). 
  • East Coast USA, Caribbean, Colombia, Peru: 2pm (3pm). 
  • Mexico, Central America and USA Central: 1pm (2pm).
  • West Coast USA: 11am (12 noon in summer). 

If in doubt, e-mail us.

Usually, we get ready around ten minutes before. The 'channel' or 'slot' is open for thirty minutes. Sometimes we find a definite energy-change at the end of this time. Sometimes we overshoot the end of the meditation, and that's okay too - it can go on as long as you like. You might choose to make notes straight afterwards while it's fresh in your memory. Nothing lengthy - just write noteworthy impressions and experiences. If nothing much seemed to happen, note that too. These notes are as much for your benefit as ours.

At first, we don't share our own notes with you. This is partially for 'security reasons', and partially because we want you to develop your style and trust in the process without comparison with others' inputs. There comes a point where you become more integrated into the process and we can then send our notes to you, by arrangement.


Sometimes your meditations will be full and meaningful, even graphic or spiritually profound. Other times they might be more 'routine', you might drift off, or you might just be sitting there with booming brains! If you drift off or get lost in your own thoughts and issues, develop a habit of pulling yourself back mindfully to the meditation and carrying on, without judgement of yourself.

Sometimes you might get very involved in an inner scenario, and other times you might simply wish generally to 'bring light' to a situation we're working with. We all have our up-times and down-times, and sometimes you'll have major insights and experiences, and other times you won't.

Over a year of 50ish meditations, if ten of them are significant and memorable, you're doing well. We cannot fully know all that goes on in our psyches, or the use to which our inner work is put. The main secret is simply to continue and keep up with it. Over time, the process evolves.

If you find yourself judging yourself - 'not good enough', 'useless at meditation', or feeling guilty about the thoughts going on in your head - gently drop it. It's okay. 'Offer it up' and just keep on. We who have been with this process for a long time aren't perfect either. Like life itself, the process goes through changes. It evolves and, if you give it time, all will clarify.


Some people like to read up a bit on the theme beforehand and others don't - both have their value. We recommend that you stay tuned to current world events and trends, but don't get caught up in the rantings of daily news media reporting - look for considered overviews and background information instead. Mark Twain once said: if you don't read the news you're uninformed, and if you read the news you're misinformed - and there's a balance between these!

Try to overcome opinion, cultural and political judgements - there are many sides to everything, there are no goodguys and badguys and no simple answers. We're looking at what's happening behind, underneath and above the events happening in the world, with perceptive eyes. 'Listen more closely to things than to people'.

We seek solely to encourage forward movement, to unconceal hidden truth, to unblock situations and to mitigate hardship and tragedy, allowing humanity's self-correcting, progressive and self-healing capacities to come forward. We are not projecting on the world what we believe should happen. Clearly, we have our hopes and preferences, but we believe that the 'soul of humanity' and the 'heart of the world' know what they're doing if we just help with the human bit.

Getting more involved

By attending our summer retreat camp, then you'll be able to 'sync' much more with what we do, how we operate and the individuals that we are. This happens to a degree as you continue flying alongside too. Attending the summer camp isn't obligatory, but it helps. Also, you don't have to become a full member to attend. It's very special - a working retreat camp, yet good fun.

If you continue flying alongside regularly, we'll invite you to attend one of our meetings. If that works well, and in dialogue with you, at some stage we'll invite you to consider taking up full membership. This can occur only when you feel ready to make a 100% commitment to the work - until then, you fly alongside. But the commitment is not enormous, and it leaves plenty of opportunity for other pursuits and for living life.

Thoughts or Questions?

E-mail us and one of us will respond in due course. Another option is to 'offer it up' within yourself, and you might also receive answers or discover something.

We welcome you to the process, and hope it is beneficial being part of it. It's a path of service: the personal growth we gain from it is secondary to the service we render to the world.

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