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Consciousness work

In recent decades there has been a growing awareness that consciousness is a diverse and widely distributed cause of effects at all levels - and much evidence has emerged to back this up.

Deeper down, humanity unconsciously acts as a wholeness. The world's defining events become our inner processes, for everyone worldwide.

The subtle fields of the ecosphere and those of humanity, the noösphere, are intertwined. At times this becomes momentarily clear to people in large numbers, often in connection with deeply symbolic events that catalyse psycho-spiritual processes within the collective psyche of humankind.

Humanity has reached a point where it is possible and required that it takes an active and intelligent part in its own evolution. The work of the circle is to help transform collective human awareness through consciousness work in order to create new possibilities for planetary harmony and the highest potential of human life on earth.

The circle uses meditation, prayer, visualisation, remote viewing and other psychic-imaginal practices, drawn from ancient traditions and newer psycho-spiritual approaches. At circle meetings, talking-stick and other energy-working and 'pressure-cooking' methods are also used, on an evolving basis.

Deep consciousness work, undertaken with humility, for the greatest good and with no attachment to specific outcomes, is a powerful ingredient in the mix of humanity’s efforts to better itself.

The spiritual and meditative practices we use do not require adherence to any specific system of spiritual or religious belief, and they need not be in conflict with any system of belief that any individual may hold. Spiritual diversity in itself is a fundamental structural strength of the circle.

The key element in our work involves entering the 'heart of the world' on an energetic or psychic level, to help resolve conflicts, unconceal inconvenient truths, heal historic pain and establish new precedents that encourage forward evolution in humanity and the Earth.

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