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We hope you have found this site interesting and useful to visit.

There are groups and networks of people around the world who do other forms of 'world work' (however they might see it). These range from meditators to people praying, healing circles, group-processes, lightworking networks, people in traditional faiths, dedicated activists and people of goodwill everywhere. We feel we're part of an enormous network of people, groups and movements, the full extent of which nobody really knows.

The path the Earthlinks Circle follows is derived through a group evolutionary process - we don't follow a pre-existing method. Yet it draws on the collective experiences of its members, who have learned from a wide variety of sources and inspirations and from personal experience. We've felt our way forward together, treading new ground.

We hope that our work stimulates you to get on with whatever you're moved to do, wherever you are. If any of our techniques or perspectives are useful to you, we're glad.

We don't seek followers or teach a course, but we welcome sincerely interested people to contact us.

If you feel it would be right for you to fly alongside,
whether or not you intend to fully join the process, then we recommend that you start immediately at 7pm GMT on Sundays (8pm BST in summertime, or adjust for your timezone), for a minimum of 30 minutes, whether or not you have contacted us and we have answered. Just do it, and keep it simple. This will help you incorporate the practice of meditating alongside us into your life - it starts forging a rhythm and connection. When you contact us, we can answer questions and discuss eveything. We recommend that you get a copy of The Book of Possibilities where you'll find full details about the way we do things and see things.

We do not advertise ourselves as individuals or reveal who we are, though we're very much here, beavering away in our own lives while slowly and surely doing the psycho-spiritual world work we've undertaken to do. We live in different parts of Britain and meet each other three times per year, though we meditate together every week, wherever we are. We have grown into each other by degrees. We've all had careers, children, bills and housework to do like everyone else. Whatever is happening, even when we're abroad, ill, busy or indisposed, we still do the meditation. It has become integral to our lives, like breakfast. It's something that continues irrespective of whatever is going on around us.

We feel we are now entering a new chapter. We do not exactly know what needs to happen next with the Earthlinks Circle, though we wish to share our experience and methods and to encourage other people to do work like this, drawn by their own calling.

Whether it involves working with us or doing something quite different, we encourage you to do something of this nature. The world needs it. It brings benefit in many directions and ways. And it's good for you.

All is well. Thank you for visiting.

With love from us in the Earthlinks Circle.

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