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Hello, and thank you for visiting.

On this site, we explain what we do, how and why.

We're a group of people living in different parts of the UK, doing psycho-spiritual group work to do what we can to help the world move forward in a positive way. This site explains how we do it.

We have a regular weekly meditation link-up, without fail, wherever each of us is located at the time. We also have two long-weekend meet-ups and a summer camping retreat when we work together more intensively. We started doing this in 1997 and we're still at it.

We work in connection with current events and developments, seeking to stimulate forwardness and resolution. To give an example, in 2014 we focused on Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, extremism, migration and refugees, Ebola, corporate wisdom, key ecological issues, humanity's wounds, and similar themes.

We look into the underlying energy-threads, background, history, forces and symbolism in situations. They might be local to parts of the world, but they affect, involve and are caused by all of humanity.

The circle seeks to act in a spirit of service, goodwill, understanding and reconciliation,
for the greatest benefit of all beings and all aspects of reality, without prejudice or judgement, for the highest good. That's not easy, and we've learned some lessons on the way, but that's our intention.

This work is voluntary, unpaid, minimally organised and driven equally by all individuals in the circle together. We keep things simple and manageable, and that's helped us keep going. Since 1997 we've meditated every week and had some 45 group meetings, having a lot of experiences doing so.

Working with the heart and soul of humanity and our planet, we hope our efforts help progress things in these troubled times

Some ideas on this site might be useful to you in pursuing your path
and making your own contribution
to the wider world

The Book of Possibilities
tells the full story - it's a
handbook for this kind of work
- more about it here

Welcome to our site!

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